Umex GmbH

Competence and experience since 1990
The company was founded in 1990 by a group of engineers and natural scientists with the name UMEX Gesellschaft für Umweltberatung und Entsorgung mbH. Started as consulting bureau the company converts later to a company which build up their own solutions. So in 1998 the name was changed to UMEX GmbH. With the change of the name the owners follows the converted portfolio of the company. In the following main bussines areas the company is now active.

  • Plant engineering and contruction
  • uv-technology
  • PFPE-fluid regeneration

In result of a continuously work in research and development and an intensive cooperation with universitys, highschools and other research institutes the team of UMEX GmbH may be occur to solve different problems with innovative techniques and technologies.

The consequently orientation to the wishes of our custumers, a high quality standard and a high reliability of our products has developed to a growing number of clientele in Germany and Europe.

Important Company datas in overview:

Legal form: GmbH, limited liabilty company
Registration: HRB 920, Amtsgericht Erfurt
General Manager: Mr. Karl-Heinz Meyer

Contacts and names overview:

UMEX GmbHTelephone: +49 36200 641-0
Alkersleber Weg 151 AFacsimili: +49 36200 641-20
99334 Kirchheim b. ArnstadtE-mail:


General Manager and Sales for Plant engineering and construction: Advice and special systems
Mr. Karl-Heinz MeyerMr. Ronald Schmiedl
Tel.: +49 36200 641-0Tel.: +49 36200 641-12