Used technical fluids based on Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) are succesful regenerated by the UMEX GmbH. During a sparing multistage process the fluids are regenerated. The products are most popular under the brand names Fomblin, Krytox or Klüber Tyreno Fluid.

The Fluids, mostly used in vacuum pumps, are contaminated with reactive, abrasive or toxic materials. The contamination takes place as particle, emulsion or solution in the fluids.

Easy cleaning processes, for example filtration or adsorption, are useful for longer using time in the pump but this process aren't able to remove complex contaminations and fragments from the fluid.

The process, developed by the UMEX GmbH, works with different steps of gassing, extraction and sedimentation to remove all contaminations from the fluid. In a secondary process stage the separted or extracted pollutions will be destroyed by oxidation processes (organic pollution) or given as concentrate to a qualificated waste treatment company.

The precleaned fluid will be treated in a further process stage. With a special vacuum process and filtration and adsorption processes fragments of PFPE, gasses and residual particels will be removed. In a final step follows the quality control and the packing of the regenerated fluid.