UV-Technology - Definitions

Disinfection is the inactivation or mortify of pathogen microorganisms. The different rules and requirements in the differnt fields of use must be caused.

Mortify or seperation of all microorganisms.

Decrease of energy of radiation by conversion into another form of energy after the passage through an optical medium

Reduction rate
Reduction of the potent number of microorganisms by the disinfection process. The value is given in percent or lg-steps based on the number of microorganisms before the process.

Spectral transmission rate ar a wavelenght of 253,7 nm at an optical path length of 100 mm. In general the uv transmission includes the influence of attenuation and adsorption of the medium passing through.

physical dose - product of irradiance (W/m²) and exposure time (s) in J/m², the dose is also named fluence microbicidal dose - physical dose weighted with the micriobicidal sensitivity, in J/m²; reduction equivalent dose (RED) average microbicidal dose measured by the biodosimeter in the reaction chamber in J/m² und mWs/cm².