ABOX® WAS 500 2x16W
ABOX® WAS 500 2x16W

To the distance of chemicals, smell materials and other organic content materials from drinking water and industrial water. 

Example of use:

  • Own water supplies in house, court and huts
  • Mobile water treatments also in 12/ 24 volts of execution
  • Water treatment stations on ships, yachts and skipper's boats
  • Final places sterilization of every sort
  • Industrial water arrangements

Special advantages:

The complete system ABOX WAS removes chlorine, smells, chemicals and organic materials. Moreover, unresolved particles are removed like sand and rust. The UV-disinfection cares for microbiology safe water. Bacteria, viruses and yeasts are killed effectively.

Particularly the areas with precarious water quality, in particular the countries which large drinking water problems with the water supply territorially seen possess, are potential users of our compact units.